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woodworking tools for solid wood 2 sides 4 sides planer knife tungsten carbide tipped planing knife

Item No.: T20 (20mm tipped wide alloy blade)
Features of TCT planer knife:
1. 20mm tipped blade with HRC 90~92. Using good red hardness steel, seamless welding technology.
2. Edge straightness error <0.05mm.
3. 10 times efficiency than HSS blade.
General discription

For tipped alloy width >=15mm planer knife, they have one more usage: it can be retreated as various linear shaped knives according to real need. After re-processing, they are no cracking, no breading, no separating, stable sharpness and long using life. 

Tungsten carbide as blade of KENLAR brand plane knife adopts high hardness (HRC90) and fine particles of alloy. Being kept using industry-leading welding technology as seamless, without overflowing, relieving of internal stress, and international grinding ways, in comparison of traditional ways, Kenlar plane knife performs much better. They are good working for a variety of hard wood. With the features of good red hardness, edge straightness error < 0.05mm, strong resistance to abrasion, sharp blade, smooth planed surface, solid inlay, no distortion and no crack, the sharpening times can be decreased least.

Why choose 20mm alloy tipped KENLAR TCT planer knife?
1. Wide alloy planer knife, it's retreated with linear cutting into shaped planer knife, After re-processing, they are no cracking, no breading, no separating, stable sharpness and long using life.
2. With features of good red hardness body, sharp and hard blade HRC90~91.
3. Edge straigtness erros<0.05mm, smooth planing surface.
4. Every set of planer knives are counterweight, this can strictly control the tolerance within 2 grams;
5. strong resitance to abrasion, industry-leading welding technology ensures solid inlay, no distortion and no crack.
6. Blade sharpening time can be decreased to least.

TCT20 regular size (20mm inlay) wide alloy planer knife
Item # size (l*w*h) 20mm wide alloy tipped planer cutter plane knife 300x40x4 retailer source factory price fast express
KLP01C20001 300*30*3*2.0
KLP01C20002 400*30*3*2.0
KLP01C20003 500*30*3*2.0
KLP01C20004 600*30*3*2.0
KLP01C20005 300*35*3*2.0
KLP01C20006 400*35*3*2.0
KLP01C20007 500*35*3*2.0
KLP01C20008 600*35*3*2.0
KLP01C20009 300*35*4*2.0
KLP01C20010 400*35*4*2.0
KLP01C20011 500*35*4*2.0
KLP01C20012 600*35*4*2.0
KLP01C20013 300*40*4*2.0
KLP01C20014 400*40*4*2.0
KLP01C20015 500*40*4*2.0
KLP01C20016 600*40*4*2.0


1. PVC to cover blade.
2. 3pcs In PVC box.
3. Packed by carton box with binding straps.

Production Flow
Strict producing processes ensure qualified products. One product goes through “order confirmation----computerized-----coding-----material----WEDM----welding-----relative grinding processes----balancing check-----QC. For QC processes, each finished cutter takes “appearance observation, thickness/angle/bore measurement, sampling and trial”, every cutter in customer’s hands can work perfectly.

1. Kenlar planer knife are strictly inspeced after each process for cutter body thickness, size, flatness, bore, angle, welding, hardness, etc. We promise to ship 100% qualified product.

2. The blade is made of alloy which is high hardness but brittle. We have blade cover to well protect the knives, in case the damage caused during transportation (the damages include broken knife, unstable knife, cracked body), please take pictures when you receive it, we'd like to replace for you or reduce this amount in next order.

3. These are not in after sales service: the blade is not sharp when required grinding, broken blade by improper use, blade off, problems by self revising hole, unsuitable use purpose.

Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer?
A: We are 12 years factory, foreign sales team set up in 2014, the team manager has 13 years rick experience to tenderly take care of your orders.

Q: How long is your delivery time?
A: Usually we produce most regular size in stock, can ship as soon as possible. Otherwise, the producing time is 5~15 days.

Q: Do you provide free samples?
A: Yes, our pleasure. 1 pc for free, on your express cost. 2~10 pcs will charge 80% of formal quotation, and will advise most economical shipping way.

Q: What are your payment terms?
A: TT, L/C, Western union, paypal, Alibaba trade assurance or the way you like, we can discuss details.

Q: There are some wood cutter suppliers, why I choose you?
A: We are factory, over 13 years, professional in manufacturing finger joint cutter, TCT plane knife, drill bit and saw blade! In China, we are top 3 factory. Zhejiang, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hebei distributor & export company buy from us. We welcome foreign buyers directly.

Q: How to buy from you?
A: Send me inquiry and specify the specifications, usage, quantity, address ====> I will send you quotation (usually we quote you CIF, you can overall calculate your cost)====>We discuss payment terms, shipping ways ====> Send PI=====>You pay deposit or full payment====>Start produce or stock available====>ship====>after-sales====>welcome again.